Sunday, October 5, 2014

General Conference Weekend

General Conference this weekend has been amazing.  I have felt the promptings of the Holy Ghost prompt me to re-evaluate myself and do my best.  What a tremendous blessing to hear a Prophet's voice and know that God knows and loves each of us.

You can watch too!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sleep, blissful sleep

Sleep with a newborn is such a tricky thing.  But I think we are doing pretty well.  Last night after feeding at 7 and 9 Maverick slept till 3 am!  Then I turned on his swing and he slept till 4!   Fed him, burped and changed him and now he is back in bed by 4:30.   That is amazing and a huge blessing.  It is all due to an ebook I read back when I had Nash.  It can be a hassle to stick to a routine especially with naysayers (yep I still have them 4 kids later) but it is so worth it.   Knowing my kids are getting healthy quality sleep is so important and makes me so happy.   Good night Maverick!  😘

Monday, March 11, 2013

1st day of Spring Break

What a wonderful day we have had! I am sitting at the park while the kids play on this beautiful day. I was noticing how mismatched and homely my children are today.
6 years ago Nash always was dressed perfectly, including gelled hair. Today I am HAPPY to let the boys dress themselves. I am SO okay with Nash wearing shorts two sizes too short because he is dressed and we are at the park.
It is 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect weather!
Gave the boys hair cuts today. So good to have it done, I just dispose the mess!
The plan is to mop once all the kids are in bed and HOPEFULLY get rid of all the HAIR.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Reminiscing- That one time Knox got lost...

I have this nagging feeling lately that I need to write down things that happen with my kids because as much as I don't want to admit it they won't be little forever.  Plus, you can't make this crap up.  :)  Unlike the mom on Good Luck Charlie....ever watched that show?  It's a must see.  I watch it with my really they watch it too!  Okay fine, fine, I watch it by myself too.  ;)

Last night I commented on someone's FB status updated and realized I don't ever want to forget the story I was sharing.  I also have a knack for forgetting things....lots of things.  My friend had lost her daughter at Disneyland for under 5 minutes and was saying it was a horrible experience and is still shook up.  I can totally relate!

Last year we took the kids to Flagstaff KOA  with a whole slew of Primerica friends and their families.  We stayed in a REAL teepee which was so ridiculously fun!  At the KOA they had a rec room including a wii, dvd player, board games, concession stand and more that I am forgetting...ahem.  Out back they had mini golf, a Cars 2 bouncy house and a splash pad!  Just down from that is a playground with swings, slides, merry go round and of course random dinosaurs to climb on.  AWESOME.  On the last morning we decided to go with some friends down to the rec room.  The kids all dressed in their water gear...flip flops and swim suit...and we drove down.  Yup we drove down because then we could guarantee Knox wouldn't run off and when it was time to go we could wrestle them into car seats and go!  Or so we thought.

For those of you who don't know Knox is a big time fan of the females.  Especially teenage girls.  He gets super sweet and follows them around like a puppy dog.  Cute...until he gets lost.  The girls that were with us decided to go back to camp and took off.  Bryan and I thought Knox was out back on the splash pad when we decided to do the infamous "head count".  You know what I am talking about, the "I have 3 kids I better make sure I know where they are.  One, two....OH CRAP!".  Yeah went something like that.

We of course scoured the rec room, outside, bathrooms, playground and definitely started to pray when we couldn't find him in any of those places.  I called and texted the teenage girls hoping he had caught up with them but to no avail.

We packed the kids into the car and started driving SLOWLY back through the camp hoping to spot his cute little Sponge Bob trunks.  While we were driving, I don't remember why, but I turned to the back of the car and saw his little car seat empty.  I lost it.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  What if I never saw my little boy again?  What if his car seat was always empty?  I turned around and told Bryan what I had thought.  He broke down too.

I said a prayer out loud pleading with my Heavenly Father to help us find our boy.  I felt a small sliver of warmth and said, "Let's go to the front desk.  Maybe they can help".  I also did NOT turn around and look at that seat again.

When we got there I ran in and started asking if they had seen a little boy, about yay high, brown hair....they asked me, "What's his name?"  "What's your name?"  Then took me to the back and said, "Is this your Mommy?"  THERE HE WAS!  Sitting on a chair drinking ice water in his Sponge Bob swim shorts and flip flops.

I remember hugging and kissing him and being so relieved that I had my little boy.  The front desk folks told us he knew his first and last name and our first and last names.  He did say our last name was "Mahcurr" and they couldn't find that on the registry but did see a Bryan on the registry in the teepees and were just about to call us.  I brought him out to the car and Bryan ran out and hugged us and we were all losing it...except Knox.

We got in the car and the questions started.  I did all that I could not to scream and yell like I wanted to.  Come to find out he had seen the girls leave and decided to follow.  He must have left too late, because they didn't see or hear him.  He wasn't out there very long when a park ranger in a golf cart found him and took him to the front desk.  They had got him a glass of ice water and asked what his name was.  Then they asked our names.  They had found our names and were about to call us when I walked in.

I will never forget that horrible, pit in my stomach, broken heart, scared out of my mind kind of feeling.

It is on bad days with my 4 year old that I need to remember that and I am sure my attitude will shift.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dole plantation

By fat the highlight of this experience was my finds at the jewelry store. I got a coupon for 40% off a pearl in an oyster. You pick the oyster, tap three times and say Aloha. The jeweler then opens the oyster right there and shows you what kind of oyster you have. Normally there is a white to creamy to peachy to tan to brown. I got a turquoise blue pearl, which according to Sylvia is not common. Well I got 5 with that bluish tint! They were stunning. She paid for five of the pearls and we only paid for one. Bryan surprised me and mounted four of them! Earrings ( which were twin pearls from one oyster!!!), a ring and necklace. I am one lucky girl.


Sitting at Turtle Bay Resort something or another .... Hawaii is all that people say it is and more. I feel so grateful for our lives and the fact that I am here with the love of my life. Aloha!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8-6-12 and 8-7-12

I have 5 months of exercise to go! I am trying to document for myself my journey. I have never been more ready to get fit. When we go to Colorado I am actually excited to use the gym! Weird.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy boys

Nash starts school tomorrow. I am nervous. He isn't though! Knox will be starting preschool on August 14th. They will also be starting a soccer league at the BARN.

It is amazing how fast the last 5 years has gone by. All this time I couldn't wait for them to start school, and now I am sad to see that day has come so quickly.

I will no longer be the only source of influence or information for my boys. That is a bit scary when you consider the potential impact.

We already know Knox's teacher and love her. Mrs. Kristen will hopefully be able to handle Mr. Knox.

We met Mrs. Knoble yesterday and she seems lovely. Nash has a few friends from church that he will know in the class which is so nice.

Tomorrow is his first day. Sigh. Wish me luck.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Give it a try

There is a first time for everything including posting to a blog through voice commanded keyboards.  Tonight I learned about the word of wisdom cooking that I can implement in my every day dishes.  I am excited to obey the word of god and to receive the beautiful blessings that will calm as I enjoy healthy food.  It is no secret that I am behind on posting.  I hope to share at least a few tid bits of knowledge with whoever will listen.

The first thing I m going to do is add grains and veggies to my diet. What a concept. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Carlsbad, CA

 Honestly, I was DREADING this trip.  The thought of babies+diapers+sand almost put me over the edge.  Not mention the almost 7 hour car ride.  The pre-trip thoughts were not pretty.  I stayed up the night before and made activity coloring books for the boys.  I found pictures of things they liked such as Flynn Ryder (Eugene as the boys call him) from Rapunzel, mazes, etc.  We had snacks, the ipod loaded with great music and their blankets.

Off we went.  The car ride? UNBELIEVABLY SMOOTH.  Pyper and Knox slept when they were tired.  The kids asked for snacks and they would eat.  The boys sort of used their books that I stayed up till midnight the night of making...  Mostly Nash drew on the back of all the pages. He drew machines and pictures of guys with lots of chins and weird stuff like that.  He is very creative.

When we reached Cali we were all wiped and I was ready for bed.  Daddy insisted we go down to the beach.  The boys got dressed and
the girls did not.  Not a good idea!  Pyper got royally filthy.  SHE LOVES THE BEACH.

We set up our 3 room HUGE tent, cots, pack and play and pads.  Bryan's Mom made a delicious dinner of Kielbasa and rice.  The kids ATE IT.  WOW.  Then it was time to settle in to our beds.  Pyper had her little suite with a flap to close and a pack and play and her blanket.  Sounds cozy right?  It GOT COLD.  So she cried.  And cried.  And pulled on the flap and felt my leg.  So guess who spent the rest of the night AWAKE in my cot.  Lovely.

Knox and Nash got cold too, so Knox snuggled in with Daddy in the wee hours of the morning.  It was an adventure to say the least.

Breakfast of cold cereal and fresh fruit.  All while trying to keep the boys from running down the stairs to the beach.  Sunblock and sand toys and they were off.  The beach time was incredible.  I could literally SIT and watch my kids and they played ALL DAY.  No fighting.  No whining.  No asking to play on my phone, or to watch a movie, or play on my computer.  It was magical.
The first day Bryan took Pyper up for her afternoon nap and she slept for 3 hours and he slept for one.  We had a combined dinner with the other 43 people of Bryan's family there.  Burgers and hot dogs.  Tiny sodas for the kids.  They were in heaven.  Cousins, dirt, the ocean, toys and all day to play.  Oh and Nash's favorite part?  Sleeping in a tent.  That boy love love loves camping.

The kids had a heavenly time.  We also went to LegoLand which was a huge treat for all of us.  It is a perfect theme park for my age of kids. They loved it.
I still haven't downloaded all of those pictures yet.  Every night was an adventure.  I came to realize that Pyper talks and cries in her sleep.  I am SO glad that girl has her own room and that I don't hear her!  I let her cry it out as much as possible, but there is only so much you can do when your baby can feel you through a tarp.  : )

We kept breakfast and lunches simple.  Cereal and sandwiches.  Dinners were combined and we all took turns.

Showers were...interesting.  Nice hot water, the facilities were SUPER close.  The 5 of us trying to shower 3 minutes...for .50 cents....chaos.  It took 6 minutes.  One dollar.  I never want to see sand on anything ever again!  It was definitely awesome to have showers and toilets close by.  Also we had a spicket close by for spraying off quickly.  That came in handy many times.

Things got a little hairy when Bryan was boogy boarding and stepped on a sting ray which stung him between his big and first toe.  OUCH.  The cut was only 1/2" but he said his whole leg was on fire from the venom.

Luckily Dr. McClure is only a phone call away.  He brought Bryan a tetnus shot the next day and we soaked his foot in BOILING hot water with vinegar.  The venom is a protein broken down by heat.  Just FYI.

Knox stopped walking on Wednesday.  That was a hard day.  He got edema in his feet so bad that he couldn't walk.  We begged and pleaded for him to drink and by Thursday morning he was hobbling around.  Thank goodness since that was the day for LegoLand.  It was actually INSANELY nice to have him immobile.  I knew EXACTLY where he was at all times.  He was so sweet, just watched everyone else play on the beach and sat in a lawn chair by Aunt Melanie.

Pyper took naps during the day and so did Bryan or I.  It was good since we didn't sleep much at night.

For what I thought this trip was going to be, I think it was fantastic!  The ride home was just as smooth as the ride there.  Not much crying, or fighting.  Not until we hit Queen Creek.  Back to reality!

We came home a day early so we could see Marcus home at the airport.  We missed it by 20 FREAKING MINUTES.  Ridiculous.  We totally could have spent that day at the beach...oh well.  It was great to see him.

Normally I am a stickler about proper sentences and what not, but tonight I am all about getting it done.  So here are my errors, I claim them.